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Dori_T3chno, Jul 10, 11 10:14 PM.
DKP will only effect loot priority in TIER 2 RAIDS.

  • You will recieve 1 point for signing up AND being on vent AND ready at raid time.
  • You will recieve 1 point for each BOSS KILLED. (1 bonus point awarded for end game boss kills - ie. Brainiac)
  • You will recieve 1 point for COMPLETING the raid.


        Sub-Construct - 5

        Inner Sanctum - 5


IF YOU WANT THE ITEM - you will bid 1 point.
IF SOMEONE ELSE ALSO WANTS THE ITEM - they will attempt to outbid you.
Obviously the item goes to the person willing to pay most points for it.
IF NOBODY WANTS TO PURCHASE THE ITEM - Those who wish may GREED ROLL for the item.


Raid Calendar

Dori_T3chno, Jul 9, 11 7:57 AM.
In order to raid you must register on the site, which takes almost no time at all, then Add your characters to your site account (also takes 3 seconds to set up). After you've added your characters, click on the Raid Name in red on the calendar, then click Sign Up, Select the character you plan to bring, and select your role.

Registration on the site is NOT mandatory, however if not registered on the site you will not be considered for loot or invite priority.

Vent is required for all raids.

Port: 8679

The Raid Calendar is set up so that site "Members" can sign up for Tier 1 content raids such as Outer & Khan. Site "Council" status members will have permission to sign up for both Tier 1 & Tier 2 content raids.
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Member Characters DKP
Dori Dori, T3chno 330 0
Kamelia Cloudy, Kamelia 110 0
Bias Bias, Saibi, Tacobob 2.323 0
Frozentundra DarkValkyrie, Frozentundra, Reprysal 00 0
G6 369 G6 369 00 0
Hanabi Izumi Fallen Destiny, Hanabi Izumi 110 0
Pochacco Pochacco 2.525 0
Latverious Latverious 110 0
Serpent Brainless, Icecube, Serpent 3.838 0
VenusianHumanTrap VenusianHumanTrap 0.88 0
Zeqe Zeqe 220 0
mintbarrycrunch mintbarrycrunch, mintburrycrunch 00 0
Chassuer Chassuer, Lil Hottie 1.414 0
FrozenShadow FrozenShadow, Heavens Fallen 00 0
FreewillBeef Ep0ch, Freewill Beef, FreewillBeef, Necros1s 3.838 0
SuperDevil DopestDope, Raizu, SuperDevil 110 0
Madam Blood Madam Blood, Nurse Naughty 110 0
Pink Sparrow Pink Sparrow 00 0
Mahogany Mahogany 00 0
Pyrolax pyrolax 0.55 0
Deucesmayne Deucesmayne 00 0
Bozoway Bozoway 00 0
The Miragekid Sharpslade, Spectral Shifter, The Miragekid 0.44 0
detroitplayer Commandant cold, Jim Dandy, Mhammoth, Psycho Tyrant, Sureshot 00 0
Vax Arcana Litterbox, Vax Arcana 00 0
Theblackni8 Star crisis, Theconsumerofsouls 00 0
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